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School Psychology
Mental Health First Aid
Play Therapy
Dance Therapy
Art Therapy
Family Counseling
Integrative counseling
Psychoanalytic Therapy
Anxiety and Depression
Children and Adolescents
Counseling Skills
Psychological Testing
Clinical Psychology
Death, Grief, and Suicidology
Disorders and Pathologies
Eating and Eating Disorders
Ethics in Psychology
Evaluation, Assessment, Diagnosis
Families and Couples
Gender Psychology
Health Psychology
Emotional Intelligence
School Counseling
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Law and Psychology
Professional Resources for Practice
Positive Psychology
Race, Culture and Identity
Research Methodology
Spirituality, Mindfulness, and Religion
Violence, Families, and Children at Risk
Women's Studies
Safe Schooling
Spiritual psychology
Special Education
Learning Disability
Transpersonal Hypnosis
Transactional Analysis
Mental Health
Adolescent Psychology
Stress Management
Psychological Assessment Tools
Therapeutic Nominalizations
Psycho oncology
Cognitive Therapy
Psychological Disorders
Psychological Therapies

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About US

Center for Webinars is an educational service provider intended to function as a team, joining hands with the top trainers and professors of psychology from all over the world. Our main agenda is to offer courses online and offline for anyone anywhere to pursue at a very reasonable cost.  Center for Webinars is registered under Government of India bylaws and holds a registration number “330322116436”. Psykology is a Swedish / Danish / Norwegian word for Psychology. is the main portal of Center for Webinars through which all the online learning takes place.

Today the best of trainers and professionals are educating hundreds and thousands of students; we visualize at converting thousands to millions from the comfort of their place with the help of the vast technology available now. A professional will have the opportunity to serve as many students as possible and any student from anywhere in the world can get the best trainer. will serve as a connecting platform between the student and the trainer to make learning and teaching easy.

We want everyone to have access to quality world-class education which has been limited to only a handful until now. This is our vision.

We aim at empowering psychologists and psychology students with practical knowledge and apt training that will improve their life and thereby their community as a whole.

  • will stand for and promote psychology in all aspects and will enhance the application of psychological knowledge for the wellness of people thus improving the global mental health. IAHP is proud to have initiated the webinar concept in India for the first time.
  • will remain as a common platform for the learners and trainers of psychology to meet, share, learn and discuss psychology and all other psychology related stuff.
  • will be organizing various workshops, seminars, conferences, CE programs, and short courses through the web to help a young psychologist or a budding professional learn from the comfort of his / her home.
  • introduces hundreds of well experienced and qualified teachers, trainers and professors from around the world with expertise in various fields of psychology to those who are interested in learning psychology.
  • is planning for real time CE courses conducted by various professionals from all over the world. The CE Courses will be courses to test your knowledge and at the same time there will be courses to get yourself updated.
  • will be hosting various conferences online so that a psychologist from anywhere in the world can participate and present his/ her paper.
  • Certainly, will open the regional boundaries and will make psychology accessible to each and everyone.
About IAHP

Based in India, the International Association of Holistic Psychology (IAHP) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology worldwide. With its huge member database, IAHP is certainly one among the largest associations of psychologists worldwide.

The International Association of Holistic Psychology (IAHP) is a professional association of psychologists formed to bring psychologists all over the world under one roof. This world has produced millions of psychologists and thousands of associations voicing for the science of psychology. IAHP is a “Stand Alone” association spreading the wings of psychology to create awareness of mental health and peace to the entire global community.

The International Association of Holistic Psychology is the representative body for psychology and psychologists of any discipline throughout the world. ‘Holistic’ means to cover every single bit of psychology and psychological services.

IAHP is the one among the few organizations providing world class service to the field of psychology and its members through its newsletters, magazine, online learning portal, research work, helpline, training programs, continuing education programs, and volunteering experiences.

Visit IAHP web at
Our Pedagogy is created in such a way that it facilitates the learner to learn in an effective and a comfortable manner. Its elements include learning at one’s own pace, AV support, assisted learning, online discussions, online resources, learning assessments, online learning materials and interactive learning tools. With the help of technology, learning is made easy. Online learning is as efficient as the normal learning methods and sometimes even more effective. Online learning methods gives the students a lot of options to choose from, vast resources to research, analyze and learn at their own comfort. Online learning is also more economical than the regular learning methods.
Our Courses

Webinars and short courses offered at are designed to help you master the material. Participating in a webinar or joining a course means you are going to interact with a trainer or a professor, watch Powerpoint presentations or recorded lectures, learn at the comfort of your home, assess your knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive practical activities. We know that your life is busy and that you have many commitments. Therefore, our courses are designed based on sound pedagogical foundations to help you master new concepts quickly and effectively without disturbing your scheduled life. Main ideas include mastery learning to make sure that you have multiple attempts to demonstrate your new knowledge; using interactivity, to ensure student engagement and to assist long-term retention; and providing frequent feedback, so that you can monitor your own progress, and know when you have really mastered the material.

Here at, you can learn through

  • Audio Video Conferencing
  • Through Recorded Lectures
  • Through Materials with Audio Assistance
  • Through CE Programs
  • Through Seminars, Conferences and Short Courses
To know more about our current course offerings, visit the course page.
Our Professionals

Our professionals are from different parts of the world and are experts in different areas of Psychology. We have a team of professors, trainers, teachers, therapists, practitioners, consultants, researchers and young psychologists delivering the best of their knowledge and experience to the rest of the world.

To know more about our Professionals from India,  
To know more about our professionals from around the world,  
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