Psychoanalytic Therapy
The course will include biography of proponent, basic concepts, psychotherapeutic techniques, criticisms, case studies, real life relevance, and four assignments

Krishna Vora

6 weeks long

Workload: 3-4 hours/week

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About the Course

At the end of the course, you will know the Biography of the proponent, historical context of Psychoanalysis, Basic Principles, psychotherapeutic techniques and Case study. You will also be asked to look at how Freud’s personal life may have shaped the therapy, critically evaluate the assumptions, and list real life relevance. The first two weeks will involve a lot of reading, third week will involve Assignments. Choices will include 8 types of Assignments and 8 Methods, from which you can choose any four. Assignments can include things like Critical Review, Personal opinion, Recommendations, etc. while methods to submit assignments can range from Essay, power point presentation, collage, etc. You will be given support via email on a weekly basis. You will also be assisted in your assignments.

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About the Instructor(s)

Krishna Vora is a Counseling Psychologist, currently working with children who have Learning Disabilities and Gifted Children. She also makes IEPs for Children with Learning Disabilities and Generates Lesson plans for Enrichment Classes

Course Format
  • Offline and online mode of training with voice assisted Powerpoint presentations and a manual provided at the start of the course. The participant will have a week’s time to master one particular module of the course and he/she can contact the trainer either through email or chat or video chat for any clarifications.

  • Each module will have its own activity and pragmatic examples/exercises for better understanding
Course Objectives
  • Orientation to psychoanalytic therapy
  • Strengthening of theory
  • Critical analysis of the therapy
  • Real life applicability
  • Option to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways
Course Fee
Individual Participants from India (in Indian Rupee)
Group Participants from India
(minimum members in a group is three) (in Indian Rupee)
Individual Participants from Rest of the world (in US Dollars)
Group Participants from Rest of the world (minimum members in a group is three) (in US Dollars)

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Rs. 2,500/-

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Important Dates
  • Participant Capacity is Limited to 12 per batch.
  • To Know about Course details and Commencement dates Text the Course No and Your Email ID to 0091 979 00 88 002 or email us at Eg; 008 SPACE to 0979 00 88 002
Learning Kit
  • Resource materials, reference materials, DVDs, books, free downloads, Power point presentations, etc.
  • Recommended readings, links to videos and TV shows or Movies (if any)
Trainer’s Support
  • Power point Presentation
  • Email and Chat support for discussion and clarification of concepts
  • 8 assignment options to choose from, with the freedom to devise your own assignment project
  • Additional support through email for 6 months after the course duration is complete
Course Syllabus

Components of the course are divided into three modules. Two weeks of study per module.

Fortnight 1:         Reading - Bio of the proponent, Historical Context, Basic Assumptions and Principles and Reflective Questions.

Fortnight 2:         Reading Psychotherapeutic Techniques, Criticisms, Contribution to the society, Parallels between Freud’s personal and professional life, Real life Relevance, Recent Publications.                                                               (Assignment options will be provided and the participant has to notify the choice of assignment)

Fortnight 3:         Participant has to decide on 4 assignments. He/she has the choice to decide his/her own assignment. He/she will be given 2 weeks to submit them. Assignments can be submitted any                                                       time during this week. The participant may be asked to Re do the assignment, once feedback is given.

Course ends once the assignments are submitted and all concepts are clarified.

Recommended Background
  • Graduates in Psychology

Suggested Readings
  • Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy by Gerald Corey
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy, Theories in Context and Practice by Flannagan & Flannagan
  • The Counseling Process: A multitheoretical Integrative Approach by Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel and Lewis Patterson
Course Plan
  • Three Sessions
  • Six Weeks
  • Powerpoint Presentation with associated audio
  • Activities to understand better
  • Discussion through Skype
  • Pragmatic Assessments to make learning easier
Learning Outcome
  • The participant will leave the course with a good theoretical knowledge and ability to apply the principles in daily life
Further Learning
Technical Requirements
  • A computer or a laptop with Microsoft Office with mike and headphone facility
  • A good Internet connection
  • Access to college/ university library if possible.
Statement of Accomplishment
On completion, the participant will be certified by the International Association of Holistic Psychology
Contact to register

Contact your student advisor at for more details on registration, availability of seat, payment of fee, etc.

Course FAQ's

1. Will I be given sufficient resources?

Yes. But you are also encouraged to look for resources on your own.

2. How can I clarify my questions about the content?

Support is provided through email and chat. Emails will be responded within 36 hours. In order to chat, a date and time convenient both to the trainer needs to be coordinated in advance

3. Can I redo my assignments?

Yes. You can redo your assignments once feedback is provided. Constant assistance will also be provided while you do them.

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