Study skills training course: How to study effectively and improve your study habits

Learning and studying strategies in order to improve the school/ college/university grades and to manage your time and anxiety as well.

Georgia Kiziridou, Greece

4 Weeks Long

Workload: 3-4 hours/week

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About the Course

In this course we are going to learn how to learn. Cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies concerning the studying skills are going to be presented in order to educate students and experts how to study fast and effectively. Study techniques have to do with time management, organizational skills, taking good lecture notes, improvement the listening and presentation skills, preparation for exams, test taking skills, memory tricks and anxiety management skills.

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About the Instructor
Georgia Kiziridou Graduated from Psychology Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She continued her studies at the same university and she graduated from Master Degree at Developmental – School Psychology. Since 2007 she is owner of multidisciplinary centre of learning disabilities and speech disorders. She is also working as lecturer at the Mediterranean College of Thessaloniki since 2009. Her main interests have to do with Special Education and Speech Therapy courses. At 2010 she co – creates the business called “Play learning” that focuses at creating and e – commercing special educational tools for parents, teachers and therapists. Since 2011, she is active participant at mentoring projects as mentor and as mentoree as well. Also, she is working as a leader at international and European projects in corporation with NGO ELIX. From October 2012 she is working as school psychologist at public kindergarten in collaboration with University of Thessaly. She is member of Famine Business Association of Greece.
Course Format

Offline and online mode of training with PowerPoint presentations and a manual provided at the start of the course. The participant will have a week’s time to master one particular module of the course and he/she can contact the trainer either through email/ chat or video chat for any clarifications.

Each module will have its own activity and a pragmatic paper for better understanding.

Course Objectives
  • Will help you understand the learning process better

  • Will be ready to self manage and evaluate through study techniques

  • Will help you teach students, parents and young professionals at effective study skills

Course Fee
Individual Participants from India (in Indian Rupee)
Group Participants from India
(minimum members in a group is three) (in Indian Rupee)
Individual Participants from Rest of the world (in Euros)
Group Participants from Rest of the world (minimum members in a group is three) (in US Dollars)

Member of

Rs. 3,000/-
55 Euros

Non – Members
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Important Dates
  • Participant Capacity is Limited to 12 per batch. Registration will close on completing 12 registrations
  • To Know about Course details and Commencement dates Text the Course No and Your Email ID to 0091 979 00 88 002 or email us at Eg; 008 SPACE to 0 979 00 88 002
Learning Kit
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Images,
  • Texts,
  • Mementos and reminders
  • Working tools in editable text format
  • Videos
Trainer’s Support

It may include the followings, which have to be confirmed case by case, always on request.

  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Home Based Activity at the end of each session for practical learning
  • Pragmatic Paper to assess understanding at the end of each session
  • Additional Reference Documents (on request)
  • Sessions through Skype for discussion and clarification (on request)
  • Additional support through email / chat during the course period
Course Syllabus

Note: being a workshop, modules may be subjected to variations accordingly to the students’ educational needs.

Session 1: Characteristics of a successful student – Motivation and goal setting

Session 2: Learning styles. Time management.

Session 3: Taking notes. Memory skills. Reading strategies.

Session 4: Taking exams and tests. Anxiety management. Conclusions
Recommended Background
  • Any student, teacher, educator, psychologist and people who in general have to do with the learning process
Suggested Readings
  • Novak, J. & Gowin, D. (1984). Learning how to learn. New York. Cambridge University Press.
Course Plan
  • A computer or a laptop with Microsoft Office with mike and headphone facility
  • A good Internet connection
  • Having web cam is an added advantage
  • Skype account
  • Any PDF file reader.
  • Ability to understand and speak English language
Learning Outcome
Participants will be trained enough to start working in schools as a school counselor or school psychologist / school mental health professional.
Further Learning

Continuing Professional Development on Core Areas Required

Technical Requirements
  • A computer or a laptop with Microsoft Office with mike and headphone facility
  • A good internet connection
  • Having web cam is an added advantage
Statement of Accomplishment
  1. On completion, the participant will be certified by School Psychology India and the International Association of Holistic Psychology
Contact to register

Contact your student advisor at for more details on registration, availability of seat, payment of fee, etc.

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